Roll With It​​​​​​​
This pattern collection is all about sun and fun in the summer. Inspired by my childhood in a hot and humid southern city, it features the staples of summer in the 80s - roller skating, frozen treats, cool shades, lots of color, and some good music to tie it all together.
Midnight Mischief
It's the most wonderful time of the year! As someone who may or may not have had a lengthy goth phase in the 90s, Halloween is still my not-so-secret favorite holiday. Give me all the nighttime moodiness and creepy crawlies, please!
Island Afterparty
This collection was created after not seeing the beach for way too long because of the pandemic. So, I made a little island fun of my own.
Feelin' Bouquet
I was born in 1978 and grew up in a home that oozed 70s excellence - wood paneled walls and floral wallpaper for days. This collection is a nod to my childhood bedroom and the colors in the books that were read to me in that room - including Goodnight, Moon and lots of Dr. Seuss.
Portal of Bella
Have you ever seen macro photographs of mushrooms? Do a Google search. You won't regret it. This collection is an abstract homage to the mushroom and all of its weird, beautiful forms.
Real Hoot
I live in the middle of a city near a football stadium and two entertainment districts, but there is also interesting wildlife literally in my front yard. One night I went outside, and sitting there on the power line to our house was a giant ornery owl staring at me like I had rudely interrupted her evening. I was mesmerized and terrified, because that owl looked mean as hell. But she sure was pretty!
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